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General Information
You can find more information about teaching in Colombia, such as salaries and visas, in FAQ Colombia. If you're looking for general information about teaching in Latin America please read FAQ Teaching in Latin America.

Making the Move
Moving is stressful as it is, but moving to another country can be chaotic. Check out 30 Days to Move Abroad, which makes moving overseas a breeze. Teaching English is a great way to see the world, but before you go it helps to get information from people who have done it before. A good place to start is Teach English Abroad: The Complete Guide which has everything you need to know.

Getting Cheap Flights
Travelling the world and teaching English sounds like a dream come true until you have to purchase your airline ticket. Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed! and Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights will show you tricks that will get you the cheapest ticket available.

Teaching Online
How to Teach English Online and Get Money shows you how you can do what you love while being your own boss. You'll be taken through the steps of opening your own online teaching school and learn how you can teach English online while living anywhere in the world. You can even teach while on vacation. 

Be aware that generally Latin American institutes do not get teachers visa. That doesn't mean that it's impossible, however, if working legally is important to you, be sure to ask your employer about visas. If they promise to get you a work visa, but tell you to enter on a tourist visa, be aware that they may not end up getting you a work visa at all. Primary and secondary schools, as well as universities seem more willing to get visas than language institutes.

If they can't, you could always work on a tourist visa. If you go that route, remember it is illegal, however, it can be done. You should find out about overstaying your visa and border hopping. Some countries, such as Mexico are easy to get visas for, others like Ecuador and Panama are difficult and you can run into trouble if you overstay your visa. Some countries like Peru and Costa Rica have many teachers that work under the table and just border hop.

Studying Spanish
Fluenz Spanish Latin America: Learn Spanish anytime and anywhere. This software works with PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids, and iPads. With a variety of learning methods, with videos, audio, flashcards, plus 150 lessons you'll be able to go from level 1-5 at your own pace.

Rosetta Stone Spanish Latin America: Consistenly a best seller, Rosetta Stone uses an interactive method to get you speaking Spanish fast. There are games and online lessons to help you take your Spanish to the next level. You can also learn on the go with apps designed to work with iPhones and Android systems.

Synergy Spanish maintains that traditional ways of learning languages don't work because it all boils down to grammar. By starting with 138 words, you'll begin to branch out and be speaking Spanish before you know it.

Current Job Openings
If you're looking for current jobs, try these job search sites. If you're a licensed teacher, try getting a job at an international school. You can find more info in this article I wrote about international schools.

School Listings
Emails and websites often change, so if you find a school that needs updating, please email me at If you have a school that you would like to add, feel free to email me with the name, website and contact information. You can find a list of universities in Colombia at Altillo.Thanks go to rhythmbug from the Lonely Planet's Thorntree forum for many of these listings.

Multiple Cities
Please go to the websites to see which cities the institute are in as they tend to expand rapidly. Try looking under “sedes” or “centros”











  • Private School, Maria Helena Garcia, *Warning about this school issued by the Embassy of Colombia, see this post for more info*, See letter below as well.
Santa Marta

Warning Letter
Pereira: Private School, Maria Helena Garcia,
I got this email from someone who worked with this school. It is a summary of teachers who worked there. Not all schools are bad, but this is one that you might want to stay away from. You can contact the person who wrote this letter at

Madre de Familia

"It took me nearly five years to find out the truth about the “bruja fax”. The name of Buitrago associates is not important. The person sent the fax firstly to Canadian Embassy in Bogota, then to Liceo Ingles. It looked like I sent it. Immediate investigation revealed that I could not possibly send it from that location at that time. Why would I send it to Canadian Embassy? Buitrago’s aim was to make me look insane just like she managed the same with another foreign teacher at Liceo Campestre" – kidnapped teacher Javier.

"I don’t know the complete truth of Buitrago’s creativities and her associate compliances. These Buitrago associates created crimes around your daughter as if I would do them even though Buitrago knew I am long time gone and gone a long way. DAS knew it as well. They got my ID card from me send by me from Canada within two weeks of my escape from Buitrago’s trap. That made Buitrago very angry, yet she did not know what I knew and took with me – the knowledge about her betrayals, FARC membership, orders to her teaching staff about treating foreigners in her school, and Carlos Eduardo Mejia Ospina drug charges against him by FBI. Buitrago used your daughter to target myself.

Your daughter knew Buitrago fumed my apartment via ventilation with poison from drug processing activities. For that reason your daughter never slept in my apartment. You were the last person to learn that your daughter betrayed her own parents with lies. You learnt it from her. I learned from Liceo Ingles how your daughter betrayed me and it hurts still today. Considering your daughter actions escaping stress, dealing with fear imposed onto her by Buitrago’s orders. Even though your daughter was protecting her family by lies and scarifying my personality and freedom to deception and humiliation, I did nothing from what you are accusing me of. I forgave your daughter. Only Buitrago knows the truth. The only part in your daughter’s life I am guilty of is taking your daughter in Prague to Nino Jesus de Praga, as she asked me to do so. There in that church I had no idea at that time what she kneeled to him for. What ever your daughter prayed to Nino Jesus de Praga in his church by Vltava river, it was heard of. Thanks to God." Jiri

On the other hand, Buitrago’s students from Liceo Campestre de Pereira are recorded outside Colombia as students trained by drug dealer from New York school yards Mr. Carlos Eduardo Mejia Ospina and that the school is directed by Ana Milena Buitrago – a person that can’t be trusted what so ever. Further on, Carlos’s wife Mary Luz which betrayed your daughter primarily, graduated in June 2009 from Universidad Technologica de Pereira from Social Science – an additional headache for the honest world. Carlos’s statements: “Don’t worry because nothing will be alright, At the end you will be the bad person, and Don’t lie about things you know shit” speak for them selves. His wife’s letter from March 2005 betrays as well.

His wife's letter:
“Hola Jiri!!!!! Espero que estés bien. Jira me da un poco de tristeza el saber que te llevaste tan mala imagen de mi pais, solo quiero que pienses que en Colombia no solo encontraste a Beatriz.
Como mujer y como colombiana s{e que habemos personas diferentes. Tu conociste personas muy valiosas que te brindaron una amistad desinteresada a pesar de tantos problemas: Claudia de arte, Javier, Luz Marina, Julian, Felipe, Carlos, yo…. Y no se cuantas personas más. Nosotros te apreciamos y queremos lo mejor para ti. Cuando pienses en Colombia, no lo hagas con rencor, piensa en nosotros, en los lugares tan bellos que conociste y en que a pesar de todo fue una experiencia más en tu vida.

Te recuerda.

"It took medical professionals two years to detoxify my self from Buitrago’s premeditated actions. Considering my self exceptionally healthy person, it is called a miracle recovery."

Reconnaissance Officer Commando Field Platoon (1984 retired).

"Buitrago, I told you, you picked the wrongs guy to mess up with. I told you, I am much stronger than you ever anticipated. The book stays open."

” careful in Colombia you have been sued by Betty.; Jirhi your former boss according to secretary from school, she has your name all over the police department like the worst person they ever met; Your boss told the police to find out which way you probably took to get out of the country if it is true that you went out, they believe you are still in Colombia because there is no record of departures on your name, I do not even think they can do that. A friend.”



  1. Hi there!
    I would like to tell you that "Multilingua" has changed their contact-info.

    I guess it would be useful:

    Name: Academia de Idiomas Multilingua
    Address: Cra 51 13- 46 5th floor
    Phone: (57 1) 617 00 57 - 605 12 84


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