Reader Reviews

Reader Reviews

A Country Guide to TEFLing in Peru
"About one month ago, I ordered the Peru Pack from you and I love it." Andrew S.

"First of all, I want to thank you for all your effort. Your website has become my bible as I plan to move to Cusco sometime next year... as soon as possible. I will make a donation later as I can... it's totally worth it... your website is a goldmine!" Maureen S.

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!" Meghann W

"Just wanted to thank you for getting back to me so promptly. I also wanted to let you know that my school project was greatly helped by your TEFL guide for Peru. I am so glad you have posted and compiled so much information on Peru! As a future teacher, most likely in Peru, your blog, TEFL guide, little black book, posts on both expatperu and perujobbulletin are a goldmine. Please keep up the amazing work! Thank you again." Erin E.

"VERY well done! I like it - and it will be very worth someone's money to buy it." Ted K.

"Wow! That's an impressive book you have there." David C.

The LA Job List Sets
"Man I wish I had this list when i was looking for a job!" sdg05003 from Dave's ESL Cafe, April 2011.

"Great resource! Thanks, naturegirl." e and p

"I have seen that site- I love it! I wish it was for the whole world :) thank you!" rr1000.

"First I will start by saying how wonderful you are. You are very wonderful. We have been in Arequipa for 4 months now which is in a large way thanks to you and your help in getting us jobs that have managed to keep us alive. Thanks! Love your work!" Davian H

"Thanks so much for all the valuable information. It has saved me hours of research! The information was presented in a thorough format. The information is worth ten times what I paid!" Michele Z

"The lists are very helpful and are always delivered in a timely manner." Sandeep Juneja, American TESOL Institute, USA.

"I just wanted to say thanks for your list of schools. Within days of contacting the schools on your list, I had multiple interviews, and now I have a job." Joshua L.

"Are there any versions of your The LA Job List available for purchase now? There are no other halfway decent resources on the web." Kenny, from Dave's ESL Cafe, teaching in Peru.

"I hang out at Dave's and have been waiting for your list for a while and am delighted to be able to purchase. Thanks for getting the list done!" Stephanie, from Dave's ESL Cafe, teaching in Mexico.

"Thanks for all the great school info." tricia11, from Dave's ESL Cafe.

"You have provided a great place to start research." Cdaniels, from Dave's ESL Cafe, teaching in Mexico.



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