Synergy Spanish

Think you need to study for years to get by in Spanish? Synergy Spanish disagrees. Traditional ways of learning languages don't work. It all boils down to grammar. Something that both students and teachers hate.

Sitting in a classroom and memorising verb conjugations just doesn't cut it in the real world. Traditional methods put way too much emphasis on getting the grammar correct and totally ignore the way that people naturally learn a language. Marcus Santamaria (in the picture on the left) has put together Synergy Spanish based on his years of language teaching experience.

By starting with 138 words, you'll begin to branch out and be speaking Spanish before you know it. Phrases can be built to form sentences and thousands
of phrases can be learnt based on the initial 138 words. For example, learning the cognates helps since many English words that end in "ify" can be changed into Spanish by changing the "ify" to "ificar". Marcus has divided these words into 30 categories and you can learn over 3000 Spanish words this way. Synergy Spanish is divided into 5 sections.

  • Talking about yourself. Instead of memorising useless vocabulary like animals, he starts you out by having you talk about yourself.
  • Sentences starters and sentence builders use the knowledge you have from the 138 words he starts you off with.
  • You'll learn useful words and phrases related to travel so that when you go to a Spanish speaking country things won't get lost in translation.
  • Speaking to groups of people is next.
  • You will learn to communicate in any situation. By learning Spanish naturally you won't be stuck trying to conjugate verbs or translate from English to Spanish.

Marcus created this course based on his experience as an English teacher and Spanish student. He has made learning Spanish fun and easy so that you can start learning today. If you have any questions, you can even email him. Take a look at the course Marcus Santamaria created: Synergy Spanish.



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